For over a year now, HR teams have been in the spotlight. They have navigated a big shift in the way people work, including many policy changes and health and wellbeing initiatives, to support them through the pandemic.

A report* tells us that half the workforce (51%) is anxious about going into work, so wellbeing support will continue to be vital. The most requested initiatives were flexible working options, mental health support, policies to support wellbeing and fast access to healthcare.

It’s interesting reading reports like this, and here at Simply, we have adopted Ultimate Flexibility. You can work remotely or from one of our hubs throughout the UK; the choice is yours every day, providing that work-life balance.

Other benefits Simply offer include; Private health care, Wellbeing initiatives and In-house counselling services.

Return to workplace success relies on putting people first

Despite efforts, the ongoing uncertainty continues to cause some employees to feel less connected and less engaged. With the Government pushing back its roadmap, planning ahead remains difficult. However, on the plus side, this extra time gives teams more opportunity to reflect on ways of working and how to create a workplace that lets people perform at their best.

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