Welcome to Simply Academy – Lynsey Markham


The Academy is a comprehensive training programme and accelerated career pathway for our Simply conveyancers of the future. It has been carefully designed to support our colleagues in their journey to become qualified Conveyancers. Through a mix of class-room and on the job training, we will be developing our colleagues to run a caseload of their own with a highly professional and personal service, to support our clients through the conveyancing process.

Today we spoke to Academy Lawyer, Lynsey Markham about why she applied to become an Academy Conveyancer and where she sees her career progressing to after graduation.

How long have you worked at Simply Conveyancing?

I have been working at Simply Since January 2019.

Tell us about your history at Simply, where did you start?

I started my career with Simply as a Legal Assistant with Charlotte Ede; mainly acting on new builds and sales. I then further expanded my conveyancing knowledge by becoming the Legal Assistant to Zoe Pewtress and dealt with non-new builds; building up my knowledge of different types of sale files

What made you want to apply for The Academy?

I love expanding my knowledge! Conveyancing is so vast that there is always something new to learn and no two days are the same!

What are you most looking forward to about The Academy?

I’m really looking forward to learning with my academy angels Hayley, Kayleigh and Mita. I feel very lucky that I get to go through this journey with some fantastic colleagues and have that support network to guide each other through it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years I would like to be a Senior Property Lawyer and looking to expand my knowledge and responsibilities within the role.

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