Top UK Conveyancing Firm Launches “Ultimate Flexibility” Working

Cardiff Office

Top UK Conveyancing firm, Simply Conveyancing, have launched their “Ultimate Flexibility” working model following the national pandemic.

The firm, which are now in the top 10 largest conveyancers in the UK, have significantly adapted their working model over the last 12 months. To ensure the company can access the very best talent across the whole of the UK, 90% of its colleagues now work remotely. Calling their new way of working, “Ultimate Flexibility”, the company strives towards a working environment where every colleague works in a way that suits their lifestyle, priorities and family.

Further investing in the companies IT systems to support this way of working, Simply Conveyancing is also embedding “Ultimate Flexibility” in to their internal policies and support mechanisms to ensure that this new way of working can be adopted effortlessly.

Group CEO Rob Grimshaw said, “We want to offer the best proposition to our clients and our estate agents partners and we need the very best people to deliver that proposition. Allowing our legal teams to work how and when they prefer means that we can not only offer an enhanced service to our clients but we can support and attract the very best colleagues to work with us at Simply.”

“We are keen to maintain a one Property Lawyer to one client relationship; it is important to our clients and to our premium brand. But there is a balance and our colleagues always go above and beyond for their clients so we believe that they can be afforded some flexibility.”

As well as home working, Simply Conveyancing have adopted an office “hub-and-spoke” model for its office locations, with a main HQ in Northamptonshire that supports the legal teams across the country and additional regional hubs for teams to drop in and use whenever is convenient.

Tom Barker, Chief Operations Officer added, “We have a great legal team and we wanted to show them that good management is based on trust. We soon realised that no one else in the industry was offering this way of working and as we have worked successfully like this for the past 12 months, it made sense for us to adopt this as a Simply lifestyle. Working with Simply truly is a different experience.”

“There is a lot of demand from Conveyancers for home working opportunities, and we wanted to be able to provide this for our colleagues, but we also recognised that interaction, camaraderie and socialisation were really important in high performing teams. So we set out to offer the best of both worlds – our people at Simply really seem to like it.”

Simply Conveyancing currently has an additional three hubs in Northamptonshire, London and Milton Keynes as well as a new hub opening in Cardiff in May and a further hub in Liverpool later in the year. Future plans for the firm include offices in other major cities across the UK.

Tom added, “This is just the start for Simply Conveyancing. We have a real desire to create a Great Place to Work for conveyancers and so are continually assessing how we can improve. At the end of the day, conveyancing is a people driven industry, our quality and brand are determined by the people we recruit and how well engaged they are. We want the best, so we have to offer them the best in return.”

So, if you like the idea of working for a leading conveyancing firm, Ultimate Flexible working, a supportive management structure and continued growth plans, apply to our open opportunities.

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