Holding Back and Realisation!


Holding Back and Realisation!

Around three years ago, losing patience with regularly not getting a good night’s sleep, reluctantly, it was time to speak to a doctor about obtaining HRT mainly because of the hot flushes at night.

Why reluctantly, because of rumours of the risk of getting breast cancer while on HRT. I had already lost one younger cousin to breast cancer at a young age, and another cousin is now all-clear from breast cancer.

I tried this tablet, but after 2/3 weeks, I felt worse; the flushes were more frequent throughout the day to the point that I nearly fainted in the supermarket queuing at the till! That was enough. I thought I wasn’t going to carry on and believed my original instinct to be correct.

Within a couple of weeks of the episode in the supermarket, my younger sister was actually diagnosed with breast cancer and has since had a mastectomy; this brought the risk of breast cancer even closer, and this was enough for me to forget about my problems and persevere, it was nothing in compared to what my sister was going through.

I decided exercise would be my way forward, taking advice that would probably do better for me than any tablet. This did work for a little while when again work took over whilst working for another employer and countless hours spent in the office instead of the gym. The new office environment I blamed for poor concentration working earlier in the day so that I could concentrate and then being told I walked around like I was going to burst into tears made me think it must be time for a new venture. All along, I now realise the menopause, along with working throughout covid, was probably the downward spiral towards anxiety and brain fog; however, at the time, I blamed physical surroundings.

I started at Simply again believing I was slower because of receiving training over the phone; working paperless was a challenge, but then we had the stamp duty, so I blamed that for the stress. My memory and concentration levels became worse, and anxiety starting to play a more significant part, another stamp duty deadline and then again just believing I just needed time off.

On arriving back at the office, I knew then the problems were with me, and my legal manager encouraged me to talk and Simply advised we could seek the assistance of a specialist nurse at Bupa, which I did. I told her my fears, and she suggested drinking wine and being overweight was more likely to contribute towards breast cancer than HRT. Just being given the facts over fiction assisted, so now we look to educate those around us now knowing the menopause symptoms don’t just last for a couple of months, but quite a few years, so we need to ask for help asap.

So thanks to Simply’s support, I have managed to stay in employment without throwing the towel in and persevering thanks to just listening, taking advice and reading some of the texts making me realise it wasn’t dementia, it was just brain fog, and now my GP has written the prescription recommended,  I know that I will warrior on and hopefully improve before the year is out!


Kim Rogers
Property Lawyer

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