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We take the time to interview our Simply colleagues, providing insight into our team’s essence. This week we had the pleasure to Interview:

Olivia Marino, Account Manager, Daventry/Remote

I started in January 2021 – new year, new job! As an Account Manager, I look after and assist a number of our partnered estate agents – offering training, literature, monthly statistics and potential commission statements; all to provide them with the resources they need to promote our services to their clients.

Along with this, I am also another point of contact for them should they require an update on a case, questions about lawyer allocation and other tasks to facilitate the business relationship we have in place.

Every day you are learning something new, not only about Simply and the property market, but about yourself and the challenges you can overcome with support and resources.

What do you think are the most critical aspects of communication?

Transparent and consistent. With so many different departments working to provide our clients with exceptional customer services and facilitating a sale/purchase, there must be an open chain of communication where all relevant departments are fully updated with what is required, especially with the current market being as busy it is. Communication has never needed to be more open with the steps we’ve taken to assist our lawyers and clear our client’s existing pipeline.

Tell me about what motivates you? What makes you go that extra mile in the job you do?

When a client/ agent realises you have gone out of your way to assist – it often goes unnoticed and only becomes apparent how much you have helped a client when you’re not available to do it. Receiving feedback from managers on how to improve and supportive steps on how these actions will be accomplished, rather than stating where you need to improve, but not actioning a plan.

What observations have you made about our workplace culture? How would you work to uphold our values?

Having worked from home for most of the time whilst working for Simply, I have not been able to get a natural feel of how the team works together or the office’s culture. From reading our social media posts and emails sent around, it is clear that Simply understands the importance of mental health by offering a personal day to colleagues and a team of professionals to speak to should work become overwhelming. I feel Simply also understands that employees need recognition of hard work to keep going, especially currently – and with the shout outs on Simply FM and sharing potential profits, it is a welcome gesture.

What advice would you give to a colleague who was stressed out?

Take 5-10 minutes away from your computer and complete a mundane task – tea/coffee round, go outside and take in the fresh air. Then, either come up with a day’s ‘to do list’ with easily achievable tasks and ones that will require work. Or/and speak through your day with someone and highlight the areas that need working on the most/ causing you stress and making you feel anxious. Often someone else’s perspective can assist in a situation, and another pair of hands on a job is never a bad thing.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone about starting in your current position?

Many clients want answers ‘now’ and are often too busy to take a minute to understand our processes and appreciate why things can’t happen ‘now’. Take advantage of the training provided and resources online to understand how we work and our processes, so you’re fuelled with knowledge about Simply to enable you to educate our agents/ clients should you need to. It’s also ok to not know all of the answers, property terminology or the ins and outs of the legal conveyancing process.

If you would like to work with Simply, don’t hesitate to contact our Internal Recruitment Consultant, Grant Jackson or, apply to one of our open positions.

All Property Lawyers are offered Ultimate Flexibility working arrangements and have an open and transparent salary with an annual bonus (paid quarterly).

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