My story with Menopause

I was forced into a hysterectomy in 2006 when I was 41 years old following a 12-month problem with specialists and GPs wanting to laser fibroids instead of doing the hysterectomy on the basis that I may want more children in the future. I was 41, single and had a teenager; why can they not […]

What’s wrong with me?

This was the constant question I asked myself.  Then last year, I was finally diagnosed with premature menopause after roughly six years of asking doctors for help as I didn’t know why I felt like I was losing my marbles!  The menopause is a long term hormone deficiency with awful symptoms, and every woman will […]

Yesterday I knew I couldn’t work.

The anxiety and feeling of hopelessness prevailed to the point that I couldn’t function at all. I felt like I was fighting a battle in my head that no one could see, and alas, it won yesterday. At school pick-up time, I sat on a bench near my daughter’s school and cried, quietly, to myself. […]

Simply Conveyancing acquires Pirie Palmann, creating top 10 conveyancing practice in the UK

From left to right: (Marion Palmann (Pirie Palmann), Chris Pirie (Pirie Palmann), Rob Grimshaw (Simply Conveyancing) Simply Conveyancing, the national property conveyancing firm, has acquired Peterborough-based Pirie Palmann as part of an ambitious growth drive that will see it become one of the largest and most experienced conveyancing practices in the UK. Backed by respected […]

Holding Back and Realisation!

Holding Back and Realisation! Around three years ago, losing patience with regularly not getting a good night’s sleep, reluctantly, it was time to speak to a doctor about obtaining HRT mainly because of the hot flushes at night. Why reluctantly, because of rumours of the risk of getting breast cancer while on HRT. I had […]

5 Ways To Become A More Effective Leader

Leadership is a skill, and like all skills, it takes practice to become truly great. Mastering these key five leadership skills will help you become a more effective leader. All great leaders are aware of their team’s strengths, and weaknesses and the best leaders work to ensure that employees’ work is aligned with their strengths. […]

3 investments workplace leaders should consider when planning for hybrid work

After more than a year of the coronavirus pandemic and a widespread shift toward remote work, it’s clear that the post-pandemic future of work will be a hybrid model, offering employees the flexibility to work from home or the workplace when they need to. TechCrunch asked more than 800 global workplace leaders their thoughts on […]

Technology and innovation “step-change” in last year but barriers persist

The past year has seen a “step change” in the adoption of legal technology and innovation, partly due to Covid-19, a major piece of new research has found. However, significant barriers remain, particularly for legal services providers targeting individual consumers and small businesses (the research called ‘PeopleLaw’ firms). The 153-page report from Oxford University was commissioned […]

Inquiry launched to assess workplace support for menopause

The parliamentary inquiry will examine if legislation is doing enough to address discrimination for working women. A previous study by Forth With Life found that of 1,000 women, 63% said that their menopausal symptoms had negatively impacted their working life. With data indicating that female employees need more support in the workplace, MPs are now […]


We take the time to interview our Simply colleagues, providing insight into our team’s essence. This week we had the pleasure to Interview: Charlotte Eede Deputy Legal Manager in the Daventry Office. I started working at Simply in 2017, and I help the Legal Manager run one of the legal teams. I am there to […]